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Last Updated - 31/10/2018


Payment method

  • For any reasons, if it is not possible to use Paypal, please send us more informations about why it's not an option and how it would be doable to make the payment at :

Service delivery

  • Our services are normally deployed and functionnal a few hours after confirmation of the payment from both sides. The server setup may vary between configurations, but it is not to worry, we always do our best to give excellent quality as fast as possible!

Technical Support

Our engagement

  • Although we do offer technical support, it is only when it comes to the services we provide. Not to worry, that if our staff knows clearly the answer to your question, we will surely inform you. This is only to stray the line between searching through the Internet for informations you could get yourself and technical questions from our services.

Operating system

  • For most of our servers, we use and recommand Debian 9 - 64 Bits, as it has a lot of benefit for stability and comptability.


Last Updated - 10/31/2018

As for right now, if you have any questions that is not specified above, please fill the form in the " Contact Us " page. We will certainly take matter to contact you back as soon as possible.